Deaf Awareness

I believe that for seniors experiencing hearing loss, the Williams Sound Pocketalker would be extraordinarily useful. This device is easy to use and doesn’t require the use of additional technology. Our seniors could benefit greatly from having access to hearing adaptation devices to be able to maintain their independence as long as possible. The Williams Sound Pocketalker is a simple device to amplify the sounds they need to hear while also diminishing background noise. This can make daily life easier, as well as decrease confusion around important conversations.

Technology can improve communication for seniors with diminished hearing greatly by allowing them the ability to be more independent and not rely on other people as much for care. Being able to introduce technology into the lives of seniors with hearing loss is helpful in many ways. It promotes independence in their activities of daily living. It also improves upon quality of life by returning the basic ability of being able to hear their loved ones speaking to them or being able to communicate with others around the community.

Many of our seniors at Boulevard Wentzville suffer some degree of hearing loss. Today, there are so many options to make this challenge in life less burdensome. Communication is key in providing quality care, and all residents should have the ability to be involved in and understand the care we provide to them. Using any assistive device for hearing can be life changing.