Memory Care: National Gardening Month

Gardening is potentially a “long-term” memory for our residents with dementia because many of them have family memories of gardening, either as a child or when they created a family of their own. It is a very rewarding hobby that assists with hand/eye coordination, feeling textures, matching like items, and it gives residents a sense of purpose.

It is helpful to connect individuals living with dementia to long-term memories, as those memories typically create a sense of calm, safety, and happiness. Recalling these memories helps us as a Memory Care team learn more about our residents as an individual and allows the resident to experience moments of joy, happiness, and belonging, while sharing with others.

Here at The Boulevard Senior Living – Wentzville, MO we will celebrate and participate in National Gardening Month by painting pots for planting all of our flowers, inviting the assisted living garden “guru” to come join us for gardening education and tips, and going through the steps of planting. Plans are to celebrate at the end of April with a garden party.