The Boulevard Senior Living Plant Operations Allows No Slip Ups With Building Safety

Building Safety Month takes place in May every year and is internationally recognized for raising awareness in keeping buildings safe. 

This initiative unites industries, associations, academia, and government under a common goal to protect the public by creating a safe and resilient environment. Our primary focus as the Plant Operations Team at The Boulevard Senior Living Wentzville, MO is keeping our residents, visitors, and staff safe.

Spring is the perfect time to hold evacuation drills. It enhances team training and provides the community reassurances that we value their safety. It also provides residents the insight to see if they need to make changes to their lifestyle to better protect themselves. In addition, simple things like mopping up spills, removing tripping hazards, and salting before winter weather all reduce the potential for accidents, therefore improving the safety of the community.

As the department responsible for maintaining the fire sprinkler and alarm systems, we deal with safety daily. Knowing that our early warning systems are functioning properly reduces property damage and gives residents and staff a greater chance of surviving any emergencies. Each month, our fire and disaster drills build upon our skills helping us all become better prepared to handle emergencies, in the unlikely event that they should occur.

At home I like to ensure the areas around exit doors are not blocked with clutter which could hinder exiting the house in an emergency. In addition, cleaning spills reduces falls, and in the spring I shut off the gas going to my fireplace to save resources and eliminate potential fire hazards.