More than just an apartment.

There is no denying that moving to an apartment can feel like a major downsize, especially after owning a home. But the great thing about senior living is that it can be a real trade-up to amenities you can use anytime. Say goodbye to the formal dining room/office that has been a paper repository for years and say hello to increasing your functional space.

There is a world of potential right outside your apartment door, from a full theater to a pool, fitness center, library, pool table, and more.

Invite your family for dinner in the private dining room, enjoy a game of canasta with friends on the 2nd floor, or attend an educational event in the theater. Your apartment is your private space – but the entire community is your playground!

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Full-service dining – available all day

The Boulevard boasts a restaurant, a bistro, 24-hour dining options, and more! Full-service restaurant dining is available from 7a-7p and our menu of 50+ options is available all-day.

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Private Dining

Formal dining for you and your guests

Smith, party of 8?

Our private dining is available for reservation anytime! Whether you have a few friends to entertain or want to throw a pizza party for your grandkids, you set the agenda and we’ll handle the cleaning. We even cater special events!

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Fitness Center

Not a normal “gym”

When we set about designing an ideal “wellness center,” we didn’t want to just put a few treadmills in a closet and call our job done. Our fitness area was crafted into a multi-purpose space specifically for seniors. Enjoy group classes, low-impact options, and senior-specific equipment.

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From Shakespeare to Steele

New, old, periodical, journal… you name it! Our library is stocked with a variety of content that rotates regularly. And if we don’t have what you want, the local library isn’t far! Nothing like curling up by the fire with a great book!

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Romance, mystery, sci-fi, drama?

You pick the best seat in the house and we’ll bring the snacks! From educational events to screenings of the latest and greatest, our theater is ready to entertain.

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Great Outdoors

Patios and porches and paths, oh my!

Sometimes, the best time is spent on a leisurely outdoor stroll. At The Boulevard, enjoy a closed campus with manicured landscaping and stroll to your heart’s content! Or, set up your Adirondack and lounge out on your personal patio.

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